Products and Services

products and services
We understand the needs of our customers. EventInventory offers a complete suite of industry-leading, cost-effective products and services to maximize and streamline what brokers do best — move tickets.

eventinventory membership
Gain access to the largest, most extensive secondary market ticket database in the world. Qualified brokers on the EI system experience a substantial increase in market exposure at both the retail and business-to-business levels. Your inventory will be in front of millions of potential buyers and on thousands of websites.

eiWeb store™ plug-in
Want results? Build your website with the most widely used plug-in tool in the industry. Reliable system stability ensures that your online business stays up and running 24/7. Solid data integrity, coupled with lightning-fast response time enhances consumer confidence and increases the conversion rate of shoppers to customers on your website. Better conversion rates equal lower overhead and more profits for your business.

eiBox Office™
Save time and make more money by streamlining your business and improving operating efficiency with eiBox Office. Increased efficiency means faster turnaround, leading to higher sales volume and increased profitability. Intuitive, fast and easy to learn, eiBox Office is a powerful point-of-sale solution. See for yourself how you can maximize ticket sales and dramatically increase your profit. Contact an EI representative and schedule a demo. Take a look!

Please contact one of our EventInventory account representatives at 1-877-800-EIEI (3434) or at for details on how you can get started with EventInventory.


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